Thursday, November 3, 2011

Welp lets update ya....

The pictures didn't upload in the right order but oh well! So first we had Sariah's birthday at the end of August. And we had a great BBQ this year. And of course I did all the prep work and Dwayne and his Brother Shawn took all the credit standing at the grill. LOL Sariah is now old enough to love babies and so she got a shopping cart for her babies with a bathtub and a doctor kit. She got Pajama's and coloring books. She got bubbles and a play camera. She had a great time. And of course I asked my mom to do the cake and she out did her self again. She made a cute princess crown cake with cupcakes. It was so good. Thanks to everyone who came.
And then it was time for school to start. I took some pics of Isaiah but of course I left my camera at home when I went to Micah's school. So those are on my phone which I don't know how to upload to the computer. But Isaiah insisted on wearing his new yellow shirt with his yellow backpack. He loves school this year. He is in a self contained class with only 6 kids from k-2nd grade. He also goes into the Gen Ed class a couple times a week. His teacher says he's the best kid in the class ( poor teacher!!) this year so far. He is really smart when you can get him to focus for a min. He goes all day which is great. And then Micah is in 2nd grade and he goes to a different school than Isaiah. So it's a little hard this year with different days off, but it's OK. He had a little bit of a rough start. He would blurt out answers and read when the teacher is talking. But we have worked with his teacher, who is wonderful by the way. And we have come up with some god solutions to help him, and he's making progress.

And then we had Halloween last week. The boys both wanted to be Ninja Turtles. My mom helped me make the costumes for them. The were very excited this year. And then Sariah was a "Baterina". She looked so cute and when we went Trick or Treating she would walk right up to the houses and in her very little voice she would say "Trick or Treat". She is getting old enough to understand Holidays now which is so cute. But dangerous because she is circling things in the Toys R us catalogue. She has a pretty big list for Christmas.

Other than that the only new thing is that we are waiting a year to apply to med school. Dwayne needs to get his GPA up from when Isaiah was born and in the hospital. So he's taking classes this semester and next and summer. And then next fall we will start applying. It was a little bit of a downer to hear form his Pre-med advisor he needed to get that up. But I know the lord has a plan for us. So we are trying to be patient as one by one our neighbors move out because they are done with school. But at least we have one neighbor who is applying at the same time. It always helps to have a friend doing the same thing at the same time. So that's what been up with us lately.
Happy Fall!!!

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